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An Interview with Astrid Castro, of Adoption Mosaic Adoptee Thoughts

On Season 2, Episode 5 of the Adoptee Thoughts Podcast, Astrid Castro, and host, Melissa Guida-Richards discuss Astrid’s work in the adoption community, reunion, as well as the nuances of learning our language from our birth culture.    About Astrid Castro:   Astrid has a degree in sociology with an emphasis in adoption. For twenty plus years, she has traveled the country to lead youth groups, present workshops on transracial parenting, talking with children about adoption and various other workshops focusing on adoption. Prior to creating Adoption Mosaic, Astrid worked in both the private and public sectors of various adoption organizations such the Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center (ORPARC), Holt International, Rocky Mountain Adoption Exchange, to name just a few.   Astrid co-authored Adoption in the Movies, which takes the reader on a guided tour of 27 movies and documentaries that are ‘dripping with adoption’ asking questions that encourage the viewer to engage in ongoing dialogue and discussion. She also developed an innovative, evidence-based, 27-minute training DVD titled, Adoptive Parent Training: Developing Communication Skills. The training demonstrates how adoptive parents can communicate openly and honestly with family, friends and especially children.   Astrid is a former member of the board of directors of the North American Council on Adoptable Children, the author of many articles on the subject of adoption and contributed a chapter to the book Parents As Adoptees.   Website:     Instagram:       _________   To read more of the work by your host Melissa Guida-Richards, check out, or the podcast's website   Her book is now available for preorder and in stores on October 5th! 📖What White Parents Should Know About Transracial Adoption: An Adoptee's Perspective on Its History, Nuances, and Practices Buy here!   Social: Twitter Instagram Facebook   Mailing List: Subscribe Here
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